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“Thanks to Dr. O’Connor this is the best my back has felt in over twelve years. I noticed much improvement and was standing straighter after only my first visit. After my third visit I continued to feel even better. I enjoy the fact that I do not have to return constantly to feel this way. One of my biggest concerns about chiropractors was popping and snapping of the spine. Dr. O’Connor’s unique pain free technique does not include any twisting or cracking of the spine. Dr. O’Connor is honest and straightfoward. She will tell you upfront whether or not she can help you. She sure made a difference with me.”
— Wayne Steele

“Having never been to a chiropractor before, I was extremely reluctant to go. Upon the recommendation of a relative I called Dr. O’Connor for an appointment. My very first visit made such a remarkable improvement in my condition that I was immediately and completely sold on this method of treatment. Dr. O’Connor was most caring, surprisingly gentle, and constantly checking with regard to my comfort. I was impressed with her ability to explain the problem and the consequent treatment to me in terms I could understand. This procedure so far, has been very successful, so much so that my treatments are less frequent than before. I have recommended Dr. O’Connor to my sister, who is now a patient and I would whole-heartedly recommend Dr. O’Connor, without reservation, to anyone.”
— Carolyn Chiado

“I am a mechanic of thirteen years plus. I have been suffering from back and neck pain for half of my career. For the first time in three years Dr. O’Connor has enabled me to be Pain Free. Kathy is a benchmark leader in the chiropractic industry. I would recommend Dr. Kathy O’Connor to anyone.”
— Jeff M. Granskog

“Being the adventurous sort, I’ve always been willing to try new activities. First it was mountain biking, then trail running, rollerblading, and most recently snowboarding. All of those activities have led to recurring pain in my back, knees, neck, shoulder, wrists and various other body parts. When the pain became constant, I decided to visit Dr. O’Connor. After only a handful of visits, I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my overall well-being and less frequency in my sports-related injuries. Now I visit Dr. O’Connor so she can keep me in-line, literally.”
— Dave Campagna

“When I injured my neck and couldn’t move without screaming, my daughter insisted I go to Dr. Kathy O’Connor. I did…and the relief from that first adjustment was tremendous. After two or three more visits I felt really great. Recently, I almost canceled a visit because I had such a miserable cold, but I didn’t. While she was working on me, Dr. Kathy O’Connor told me the adjustment would help my cold. Well, I can’t say I put too much faith in that, so I was greatly relieved and impressed when I woke up the next day with no cold symptoms. I don’t mean fewer, I mean NONE. My co-workers were amazed, not only that I showed up for work, but that my cold was completely gone. With a grin, I told them it was a miracle! Thanks, Kathy.”
— Melvia Rowland

“I have been suffering from severe headaches and neck problems since I was a child. I have a slight case of scoliosis and my neck curvature was incorrect. Dr. O’Connor has dramatically reduced the frequency and severity of my headaches through the adjustment of the vertebrae in my cervical spine and back. Following the treatment at the office I find that I feel relaxed and the tension I had before the treatment is gone.

I have seen medical doctors for the headaches and they merely prescribed medications to cover the symptoms rather than actually treating the problem. This does little to help me in the resolution of the problem, but, rather, would make me a drug dependent patient.”
— Sonia Hughes

“My legs from the knee to the ankle had bad pain and I could not walk after I sat for any length of time. I was not even going shopping because of the pain I had in my right leg. This pain was so bad it brought tears to my eyes. I could not even get around the house any more. My sisters and brothers in Christ told me about Dr. Kathy O’Connor and I am now walking without a cane and I no longer have the bad pain in my right leg. I am happy going shopping again. ”
— Jacqueline Santini

“I could hardly move my Right Shoulder. I couldn’t sleep from the pain. My low back and left hip ached so bad, I could barely stand it. I had pain in my right arm for 1 year after lifting a heavy screw gun. I had tingling in my left hand. Now the pain in my ass is gone!! I no longer have shoulder or arm pain and the tingling in my hand is gone also.”
— Pete Azevedo

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