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My retiring chiropractor introduced me to Dr. O’Connor.  I love how she treats my cervical problems without twisting my neck.

However, it wasn’t till I got very sick with a virus that she revealed her skills went beyond chiropractic adjustments. I had this virus for over two weeks. It had left me feeling fatigued and short of breath. My lungs felt very heavy. Traditional medicine told me they could do nothing for me. Just go home and rest. When explaining my situation with Dr. O’Connor, she told me about her laser treatment. I would lay under this warm light for 40 minutes and it could help. I was amazed after just one 40 minute treatment how much easier I could breath.  My energy level got better everyday and by day 2, I was full of energy and busy living my life. The focal point in Dr. O’Connor’s practice is to bring wellness and well being into the community.  She is continually exploring and learning new effective ways to help her clients with a wide variety of problems.

Sharon Gehrke, Retired Nurse

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