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“My story starts on a normal Sunday when I had a slight pain in my lower back; it gradually increased and by the following Tuesday, I was completely unable to walk due to the pain. Remind you, I did not suffer an injury, a fall, or any accident to cause this excruciating pain. A trip to the emergency room led to a two day stay in the hospital, in which I had X-rays, and an MRI only to lead to the conclusion that the medical personnel at the hospital were unable to help me with a long term solution. Leaving the hospital no better than when I had entered two and a half days earlier, except now equipped with a walker and pain medication.

It was suggested to me that I go to a chiropractor, for which I was exceptionally hesitant at first. I have never been to a chiropractor, and honestly was afraid of having my back cracked, popped and twisted, not knowing of the long term effects of such harsh movements. Without really any other options I picked up the phone book and started looking for a local chiropractor, finding only one that really stood out that eased my worries and fears. Not only did it offer a free consultation, but stated manual and computerized adjusting. Also helping to seem trustworthy, they stated that if we can not help you, we will tell you. I almost thought it might sound too good to be true. After calling and speaking with Dr. Kathy O’Connor’s office, I had an appointment one and a half hours after I stepped out of the hospital.

The moment of truth came. We pulled up and all I saw was the sidewalk that led to their front door. It had a slight incline, and let me tell you, I dreaded that walk. Walking inside, I had this feeling of warmth and hope. During my consultation Dr. Kathy took some X-rays and a moving X-ray. She was able to explain to me where the problems were and what was wrong. Boy was I in bad shape. She then to my amazement was able to use the computer to measure movement in my spine, and then continued to explain how she was going to help me and get me back to work.

Being a mechanic, I didn’t really understand the medical terms she used to explain how she was going to help me, but it sounded good. Her magical table, healing hands, and warming heart was exactly what I needed. Dr. Kathy used the drop table for adjustments, a K-laser, a tool from a computerized adjusting instrument, and a high intensity/low frequency pulsed electromagnetic (PEMF-100) machine.

Within only a short 3 hours from when I had managed to hobble out of the hospital, my pain had gone from a 10+ to a 5. To my amazement after Friday’s appointment that walker that I had desperately needed on Thursday was gone.

Have you ever had a doctor willing to come in on a Saturday just because they thought you needed it? Well, I have now. She was really able and willing to do anything that was going to benefit me and to improve my current condition. Then after an appointment on Monday, I was ready to go back to work, something only a few days prior I didn’t think was something possible in the near future.

I am a field mechanic for Altec Industries; I cover from San Jose to Eureka repairing trucks. I have now seen Dr. Kathy O’Connor for 6 visits and I have my life back. I hope that telling my story I will encourage someone who might share my same hesitations, or fears to take a chance and realize that there is hope. Hope is within Dr. Kathy O’Connor’s chiropractic office.”
— Mark Chamberlin

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