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I was referred to Dr. O’Connor three months into a fairly debilitating concussion, sustained in a car accident. Upon listening and understanding that my workdays spent on the computer were severely limited by my brainfog, fatigue, and dull headaches, Dr. O’Connor recommended three laser therapy sessions to improve symptoms. 24 hours following the first session (which was a relaxing ten minutes with no discomfort), I was a new person! My daily headache disappeared, and so did my brain fog and fatigue. It was transformative and allowed me to get back to work and my daily exercise routine. When the symptoms reappeared about six weeks later, a final laser treatment took care of the symptoms once again.

I don’t know what I would do without Dr. O’Connor’s expertise on my pain management and well-being. I don’t believe in our “take a pill” western culture of medicines, and thankfully she has the right approach and resources! I am forever grateful to you Dr. O!

Kelly K

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