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“I Was Able to Throw Away My Walker”

My experience with back pain and problems goes back many years. Five years ago I proposed marriage to my present wife. Upon rising from my knees, I needed assistance to stand. Within one year, I was on a walker, barely able to walk, and out of ER’s for back pain. I began experiencing dizzy spells. One morning while trying to take a MRI, for the possibility of a brain tumor, shoulder pain of such intensity caused me to be unable to withstand the test.

I realized at that time that I needed to go see Dr. Kathy O’Connor. Upon conferring with her, an examination, X-rays and treatment, within 1 month’s time, I have thrown away my walker and am able to walk again. My arm pain and dizziness are almost gone. My future now looks very bright. The near future will be to take my new bride dancing.

Sincerely, Emmett Keller

P.S. My wife thanks you also!

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