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How Does NMT Correct Disease?

Most chronic degenerative diseases result from confusion of the body’s immune system in which the immune system can’t tell the difference between our “self’ tissue, and foreign invaders to the body. The result is that the immune system attacks our own tissue. The “foreign invaders” may be substances that trigger an allergic response, or it may be microorganisms. The particular disease that develops depends on what tissues are targeted by the immune system. If connective tissues are attacked, the result is rheumatoid arthritis, osteoathritis, Sjogren’s disease, fibromyalgia and related conditions. If the target tissue is the nervous system it may be multiple sclerosis (MS), ALS, and other degenerative nervous system diseases. If the target is the gastrointestinal system the result may be diseases like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, etc. Conditions like hypoglycemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and adrenal exhaustion can result when the endocrine system is targeted.

These errors of immune system function can happen as a result of various types of allergy, and also from the presence of some types of pathogenic organisms. Organisms known as “stealth pathogens”, “nanobacteria”, or “cell wall deficient forms” may go unrecognized in the body by the immune system – instead provoking the immune system into a generalized inflammatory response that harms our own tissues. Reprogramming the immune system to recognize these pathogens allows them to be identified and destroyed, and permits these autoimmune conditions to heal.

Introducing Rationality to Energetic Medicine

NeuroModulation Technique is a proprietary system of health care developed by Dr. Leslie S. Feinberg of Hermiston, Oregon, and is the result of his exhaustive twenty-year study of the many systems of energetic medicine. These methods range from Chinese acupuncture, originated several thousands of years ago, to the many different methods of energetic medicine developed over the past century worldwide. Dr. Feinberg recognized that the many systems of energetic healing he studied were effective in some cases; but results were not predictable and consistent. There seemed to be little in the way of a clear and reasonable theory in these older methods to explain why people get sick, and a rational pathway to restore health.

Dr. Feinberg also recognized that all these older systems of energetic healing must have really been working with the same control mechanisms – just that these mechanisms had never been revealed, and organized into a coherent system of clinical investigation and treatment. In early 2002 a breakthrough in Dr. Feinberg’s research resulted in the creation of a powerful system of healing based on the marriage of accepted principles of western science with energetic medicine. NeuroModulation Technique has demonstrated that nearly any illness can be improved, and often completely resolved by the application of NMT treatment protocols. By correcting faults in the body’s regulatory systems NMT restores the body’s innate capacity to heal – the only path the body has to healing, and wellness.

Why Do We Get Sick in the First Place?

Some of those factors addressed by NeuroModulation Technique are:

  • Allergy to any food, inhalant, drug, or contactant.
  • Autoimmune disease – confusion of the ANS that results in immune attacks on our “self” tissues.
  • Errors in sensitivity settings of nervous system sensors for pain and stretch causing erroneous perception of pain and tightness.
  • Toxic agents like pesticides, industrial chemicals, and heavy metals.
  • Unrecognized infectious agents – usually stealthy variations of common organisms that escape detection by the immune system.
  • Exogenous Analogs – environmental chemicals that mimic our body’s hormones, and confuse endocrine (hormonal) function.
  • Altered Genomic patterns – body cells that have mutated from the normal “self pattern” of our DNA genome.
  • Pernicious Synaptic Patterning – errors in nervous system data recording that compromises regulation of body function.

NeuroModulation Technique Is Based On Accepted Principles of Neurophysiology

The human nervous system is a very sophisticated “bio-computer” that is separated into the conscious/voluntary, and autonomic/unconscious control systems. We aren’t aware of the Autonomic Control System that functions in the background of our nervous system – otherwise our conscious mind would be so distracted by body processes that we could not concentrate to do anything else. There is an awareness barrier between these two areas of our brain. We can’t know our own blood pressure, or the state of our digestion and other body processes just by thinking about them.

NMT uses a clinically friendly method of “Muscle Response Testing” (MRT) to communicate with the ACS. We do this because the ACS does not control speech, and MRT provides a convenient way for it to respond to our queries. NMT therapeutic effects on the ACS have been documented with scientifically validated high tech instrumentation including galvanic skin response (GSR), and heart rate variability scanning (HRV).

NMT uses this MRT method to first “Access” the ACS – to open the window to “see” internal function. We then “Assess” – to measure the faults in ACS function that are responsible for the patient’s illness. Finally, NMT uses a powerful system of clinical protocols to “Modulate” the condition – to push the control systems of the body in the direction of normal function. The NMT practitioner uses a system of clinical treatment pathways tailored to the various causes of illness we discussed earlier. These protocols involve a series of “queries” – questions used to find control system errors, as shown by MRT. Next the NMT practitioner uses specific corrective statements of the protocol to train the ACS toward normal function – the first step in the return to wellness.

How is an NMT Treatment Performed?

NMT treatment is safe, gentle, and effective. In performing this painless treatment the practitioner and patient usually face one another with the patient seated on a backless swivel chair. Each step of the NMT correction involves finding ACS faults, and then delivering the appropriate “query! correction” script. This resets the ACS for optimal function. The overall template of these reprogramming scripts is similar. Each clinical pathway is unique to the particular aspects of the patient’s condition. After each corrective step the patient swivels to place their back toward the practitioner. Then the patient is asked to perform a patterned breathing cycle while the practitioner uses the FDA approved Arthrostim instrument to stimulate vertebra of the spine with a series of gentle taps. Your practitioner may choose variations in patient position, MRT style, and method of spinal stimulation that we teach in NMT training – with equally effective results.

NeuroModulation Technique

  • A Safe, Effective, and Rapid Method of Restoring the Body’s Inherent Capacity to Heal.
  • NMT Trains the Control Systems of the Body to Correct the Causes of Disease in a Natural Way.

NMT is also a very rapid and effective way of correcting all allergies – not only those to foods, inhalants, and other external substances; but to body tissues and body chemicals. Allergy is really an error in “tagging” of incoming sensation that tells us we have been exposed to some material. This error provokes the immune system into a defensive response that results in the allergy symptoms we experience. NMT attempts to correct the erroneous “tagging”, and thereby stops the allergy behavior. NMT addresses the faulty process at the heart of all allergies – so it is usually much faster, and more effective than methods that require treatment of each allergen.

Similarly, NMT treatment is used to cause the body to recognize external toxins, or chemicals that mimic body hormones, or prevent our enzyme systems to work properly. Toxins such as heavy metals are known to cause many illnesses. NMT treatment instructs the body to purge these harmful substances from the tissues, and eliminate them.

How Does NMT Resolve Pain In The Body?

Conditions that have not responded to drugs, exercise, or physical therapy usually respond well to NMT. Even the most difficult of such conditions typically show marked improvement within six to twelve visits. Patients are often startled by how rapidly and completely their pain diminishes – often before they leave the treatment chair.

NMT also recognizes the harmful effects on our health when our “bio-computer” makes errors in data processing that involve the emotional and psychological aspects of the nervous system. NMT has developed the concept of “Pernicious Synaptic Patterning” (PSPs). These are erroneous recording of patterns of data in the nervous system that compromise our brain’s information processing system. NMT very rapidly identifies these patterns, and gives the ANS the instructions it needs to eliminate the PSPs. Many conditions involve PSPs, and their correction with NMT is essential to a complete recovery.

When Is NMT Treatment Over?

Dr. Feinberg has personally trained your NMT practitioner to very high professional standards. NMT training advises our practitioners to work constructively with your other health care providers because our first priority in NMT is your optimal health and safety. After you have been examined your practitioner will advise you of the problems revealed by your NMT examination. Those examination findings will be the basis for a reasonable milestone (perhaps 6 to 12 visits) within which you should arrive at some agreed upon level of improvement. We do this because every body is unique, and no one can predict precisely when you will clearly recognize change in your condition. It isn’t reasonable to simply try one NMT treatment, and expect to tell if the method works for you. Some patients may reach a significant level of improvement with their first treatment, sometimes only after several treatments. If your treatment milestone is reached without the expected improvement your practitioner will discuss with you reasonable options based on your response. Usually patients reach, or exceed the progress target of this milestone. Your practitioner will then discuss with you what a reasonable expectation will be to reach maximum improvement. One thing you can be assured of is that even patients who have not responded to many months, or years of other types of treatment usually have excellent clinical responses with NMT in a matter of a few weeks, or months.

Who Is A Good Candidate For NMT Treatment?

Because NMT is non-invasive, non-force, and completely painless there is no one who may not potentially benefit from NMT. Some patients are infants only a few weeks old who present with food, and other allergies; or infectious conditions. They are treated without so much as a whimper. Some NMT patients are people in their 80’s and 90’s, with conditions like osteoporosis, or arthritis; yet NMT is so gentle they have absolutely no discomfort from treatment. Many NMT patients are pregnant women, often with low back pain as the presenting complaint. They can’t take drugs while pregnant; but NMT provides rapid and safe relief of their spinal pain.

Is NMT Compatible With The Care My Medical Doctor Provides?

Many patients we treat are concurrently under one form of treatment, or another by their medical physician. NMT care does not require you discontinue any care your medical doctor is providing, nor does it conflict with medical care. Your medical doctor will always be an important member of your health care team.

All successful therapeutic relationships are based on trust, and your relationship with your NMT practitioner is no exception. It is our obligation to communicate with you honestly, and frankly about your condition, and offer the best possible recommendations for care. If there is anything you don’t understand about NMT treatment; or if you have concerns about your response to NMT care, by all means discuss this openly with your practitioner. You are ultimately in control of all treatment decisions; but you need to understand that those decisions are best made in light of real information from the person best able to advise you about NMT – your NMT practitioner. Obviously, any member of your health care team who has not had professional NMT training will be unqualified to comment on NMT for any condition; but your NMT practitioner is always available to discuss your NMT treatment with other health care providers you are working with.

Begin your course of NMT treatment with the confidence that NMT is safe, and follow the treatment plan you and your provider agreed was a reasonable one for your condition. Recognize that good health is your birthright, and open yourself to the healing experience. If you have concerns about any aspect of your treatment plan at any time, be assured that you can discuss this openly with your NMT practitioner, and that your decisions in such matters will always be respected and honored.


Food Allergies & Endometriosis

“I am 35 years old and have been seeing Dr. Kathy O’Connor for a little over two months and have seen an incredible amount of improvement. I have been suffering from food allergies for almost seven years now, and Endometriosis since I was 13 years old.

My food allergies had a wide range of reactions. Some of the items I was allergic to just gave me severe cramps and created the feeling of glass going through my intestines and many hours in the restroom with IBS (milk, gluten, avocado, eggs, and many more). My worst reaction was to peppers; I would go into anaphylactic shock. Living in the Napa Valley, it was very difficult and chancy going out for a meal. Not only that, but whenever I went to someone’s house for dinner, I would have to discuss the menu or bring my own food. After two sessions with Dr. O’Connor, my food allergies were under control. I was able to eat anything and I do mean anything with no reaction. I no longer feel embarrassed and resistant to go to a restaurant or to someone’s home for dinner. I never realized how my allergies had really taken the pleasure out of going out to dinner with my friends and family.

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2000 when I had gone in for emergency survey for an ovarian cyst that was not rupturing. I had been having severe menstrual cramps since I was 13, and they continued to get worse the older I got. I was told by a fertility specialist last year, that the only way that my husband and I would have a baby would be to do IVF. I have spent so many years trying to feel better and get the Endometriosis under control, I really didn’t want to do the IVF and trash my body in the process. So I thought I would see what we could do with NMT. I spoke with Dr. O’Connor about this and we did a session on cleaning up the cysts. That night, both Chocolate Cysts that were on each of my ovaries ruptured. Dr. O’Connor helped me through the detoxing and pain caused from the ruptured cysts. We have been working on this for about a month now and I was able to go off the birth control pills I was taking to stop my cycles to prevent the cysts from growing. But the amazing thing is that I was able to go off the pills and have my first cycle in a year and NO PAIN. I mean NO PAIN. A little pressure, but NO CRAMPS. I HAVE NEVER had a cycle where I didn’t have severe pain, severe cramping, back spasms and became anemic afterwards. I so wanted to shout from the roof tops, but I felt I would probably be locked up. I now have faith that there will be a little bundle of joy in the future that will bless our family.

The two items noted above are only a couple of the items that Dr. O’Connor has helped me with. There have been issues that I haven’t been able to resolve with counselors but she was able to remove the “Bite” “emotional connection” by working on the Morphic Fields.

I look forward to my future treatments with Kathy O’Connor. She not only is very good in what she does but she is very compassionate and easy to be with. She definitely is a healer. Anyone can go to school, do the hard work to be a doctor, but it takes a special kind of person to make it a healing session (warm) instead of a medical appointment (cold).”

— Michelle Heller

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