Testimonial for NMT: Chronic allergies, Autoimmune disease, PMS, Anxiety

I am very pleased with the results from my NMT treatments, with Dr. O’Connor! I was suffering from chronic allergies to weeds/grass & milk products/caffeine/sugar, an autoimmune disease, major PMS, & anxiety. I was tired of depending on medications, that kept me sick. After the first treatment, I could feel my body starting to heal! By the third treatment, my allergies were greatly reduced, along with my PMS, autoimmune disease symptoms & my anxiety. I no longer need to resort to medication. This is truly an amazing drug free way to heal mind, body & spirit. Dr. O’Connor is a gifted healer that is dedicated to helping her patients feel better!



I Was Able to Throw Away My Walker
“I Was Able to Throw Away My Walker”

My experience with back pain and problems goes back many years. Five years ago I proposed marriage to my present wife. Upon rising from my knees, I needed assistance to stand. Within one year, I was on a walker, barely able to walk, and out of ER’s for back pain. I began experiencing dizzy spells. One morning while trying to take a MRI, for the possibility of a brain tumor, shoulder pain of such intensity caused me to be unable to withstand the test.

I realized at that time that I needed to go see Dr. Kathy O’Connor. Upon conferring with her, an examination, X-rays and treatment, within 1 month’s time, I have thrown away my walker and am able to walk again. My arm pain and dizziness are almost gone. My future now looks very bright. The near future will be to take my new bride dancing.

Sincerely, Emmett Keller

P.S. My wife thanks you also!

Numbness feeling is gone

I had numbness from my shoulders to fingertips from multiple car accidents and football injuries over 20 years. After being adjusted by Dr. Kathy the numbness feeling is gone.

Subsequently, I had a serious fall and near car accident the very next day.   I saw Dr. Kathy immediately.   It was so awesome because after just the one adjustment, the adrenaline rush of the accident was tremendously reduced and my severe low back and knee pain were gone. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Kathy and quickly! It works.

Sincerely, Zeb Mann

sudden attack of extreme pain in my lower back

“I experienced a sudden attack of extreme pain in my lower back on June 22, 1996, which completely immobilized me. Two painful trips to medical doctors, who prescribed rest and pain medication did nothing to relieve the pain. I stumbled upon one of Dr. O’Connor’s ads and in spite of being very skeptical, I decided to give it a try. I was impressed by her sophisticated diagnostic equipment, which indicated that my lower back pain was originating from a problem in my neck. During the first adjustment, I could actually feel the pain dissipating and after a few more treatments, I could pick up my three year old daughter again and go back to work and tend to my garden. I am now virtually free of pain and I am very grateful, that Dr. O’Connor had the equipment and the knowledge to pinpoint the source of my pain and to treat it so effectively.”
— Larry Koagedal

low back pain that shot down my leg and my leg cramped

“Three months ago I was not a happy camper. I was stressed out and suffered from headaches daily. I had low back pain that shot down my leg and my leg cramped. I could not sleep through the night. I tried anything and everything that was suggested to me. Nothing really worked. One day I let my fingers do the walking. I made an appointment with Dr. Kathy O’Connor. After my first few visits my headaches and stress level reduced to almost nothing. I started to feel relief from all my aches and pains and now I’m a happy camper.”
— Robin K. Hammock

pain running down the outside of my leg

“I had been having severe lower back pain for the past six years. It was hard to sit or bend over. I also had a pain running down the outside of my leg. Back surgery didn’t work neither did medicine. I was walking and standing crooked to help relieve the pain. As a last hope before a second surgery I tried Kathy. After the first visit the pain in my leg was gone. After a few more visits I was standing normally and able to bend over and pick up my granddaughter. I have also sent my father, who had a failed back surgery, in to see Kathy. He also is now pain free. Kathy takes the time to find out where you hurt and helps take the pain away.”
— Diane Kelman

unable to move my neck

“After being run off the highway by a truck, I was unable to move my neck at all and was in horrible pain. My boyfriend saw Dr. O’Connor’s ad in the paper and suggested that I give her a call. Three days later I wasn’t any better. I finally called. After my first visit I felt so much better! I was able to move my neck with hardly any pain at all! My pain is completely gone in just several weeks. Dr. O’Connor is wonderful, and a very caring person.”
— Deborah Griffin

dizziness, low back or knee pain

“When I first went to see Dr. O’Connor, it was on a referral from my daughter-in-law. I was skeptical but hopeful, as no other chiropractor and actually fixed my dizziness, low back or knee pain. She totally got rid of all my pain and dizziness and it stayed away! I only have to see her now when I re-injure myself.”
— Bob Maddalena

lost all grip strength in my right hand

“When I first went to see Dr. O’Connor, I could barely walk into her office. Dr. O’Connor’s method is very different and unique. I was able to walk out that day feeling relief and after just three visits my lower back felt great. Incidentally, I had lost all grip strength in my right hand. Being in the construction industry this was affecting my earning ability. No one had been able to fix it before. I couldn’t believe it has come back 100%. I was doing great and then I had another shoulder and thumb injury, so I came back to see Dr. O’Connor. It took just two visits to bring me back to fix the injury.”
— Lee Halstrom

Vertigo and headaches

Vertigo and headaches were ailments that brought me to Dr. O’Connor. After my very first visit these symptoms disappeared and I was able to lay on my back without feeling terrible. Incidentally, I’d like to add that I’m pregnant and Dr. O’Connor has kept me from having low back pain. I want her to check my child immediately after the birth for subluxation (spinal misalignment). I really enjoy my visits because of Kathy’s open and approachable personality. I have had regular chiropractic care for years due to numerous accidents and I find I’m getting the best results ever from the technique used in my present treatment by Dr. O’Connor.”
— Cathy Daly

lower back spasms

“A good golf swing won’t hurt your back, but my back was misaligned due to years of competitive rodeo. I had lost mobility in my hips and shoulders when rotating. I also had constant neck pain and lower back spasms. All of these things were really hampering my golf swing. I decided to go to Dr. O’Connor because she had advanced equipment that I had not seen before and her free exam was so complete. Thanks to Dr. O’Connor’s type of adjustments and occasional check ups, all the pain is gone. Her type of care gave me complete mobility without pain. As a result I am now hitting the ball longer and straighter than before.”
— Pete Adams

bent down to pick up my sixteen-month-old son I felt excruciating pain

“As a nurse who has been trained in the medical model, I have always been skeptical of chiropractors. Three months ago when I bent down to pick up my sixteen-month-old son I felt excruciating pain. I ran to my doctor. After six weeks of drugs, tests, and not being able to care for my son, I was begging for surgery to relieve the pain. My surgery was scheduled for a few weeks away. My husband had just been in to see Dr. O’Connor, who was recommended by a friend, for his chronic lower back pain and he was singing her praises. Being desperate for relief, I decided to try her. After my very first visit the pain was immediately relieved. It took another few weeks for me to become pain free, and by then I was convinced. I canceled my surgery, and I’m now running and jumping with my son again!”
— Kim Haelen


“I had headaches for years. Then I started to get them everyday, sometimes three a day, for four months. After Dr. O’Connor adjusted me, my headaches disappeared almost immediately.”
— George Bianchi

neck and shoulder pain

“My neck and shoulder pain was relieved. After a few more visits I could not believe how good I felt. For the first time in many years, I once again had good posture and a relaxed feeling in my neck and shoulders. I can honestly say I feel twenty years younger!”
— Nancy Hubbard


“Twelve years ago I had injured my neck in an accident. I’ve gone to several doctors, therapy and chiropractors, none of which could stop the neck pain or the headaches which came almost every day. With advice of my doctor, I agreed to try chiropractic again. I was very hesitant in seeing a chiropractor again. But since seeing Dr. O’Connor, the pain has greatly decreased. I can move my head backwards now when I could not before. My headaches are almost gone now! I highly recommend Dr. O’Connor to anyone who doesn’t believe it can work!”
— Susan M. Custer

Back Pain

“Thanks to Dr. O’Connor this is the best my back has felt in over twelve years. I noticed much improvement and was standing straighter after only my first visit. After my third visit I continued to feel even better. I enjoy the fact that I do not have to return constantly to feel this way. One of my biggest concerns about chiropractors was popping and snapping of the spine. Dr. O’Connor’s unique pain free technique does not include any twisting or cracking of the spine. Dr. O’Connor is honest and straightfoward. She will tell you upfront whether or not she can help you. She sure made a difference with me.”
— Wayne Steele

never been to a chiropractor before

“Having never been to a chiropractor before, I was extremely reluctant to go. Upon the recommendation of a relative I called Dr. O’Connor for an appointment. My very first visit made such a remarkable improvement in my condition that I was immediately and completely sold on this method of treatment. Dr. O’Connor was most caring, surprisingly gentle, and constantly checking with regard to my comfort. I was impressed with her ability to explain the problem and the consequent treatment to me in terms I could understand. This procedure so far, has been very successful, so much so that my treatments are less frequent than before. I have recommended Dr. O’Connor to my sister, who is now a patient and I would whole-heartedly recommend Dr. O’Connor, without reservation, to anyone.”
— Carolyn Chiado

neck, back, knees, ankles and the heel of my foot

“I am a Level 10 competitive gymnast who works out 23 hours per week. My sport is very tough on the body, especially when we are learning new moves. Unfortunately, sometimes the moves don’t go well and I take a fall landing in a bad position. I have had problems with my neck, back, knees, ankles and the heel of my foot. Because I put so much pressure on my body, I need adjustments to not only keep my body in shape, but to keep me ready for the high level of competition. Competing at this high level would not be possible without the care I receive from Kathy O’Connor.”
— Carla DeMartini

back and neck pain

“I am a mechanic of thirteen years plus. I have been suffering from back and neck pain for half of my career. For the first time in three years Dr. O’Connor has enabled me to be Pain Free. Kathy is a benchmark leader in the chiropractic industry. I would recommend Dr. Kathy O’Connor to anyone.”
— Jeff M. Granskog

recurring pain in my back, knees, neck, shoulder, wrists and various other body parts

“Being the adventurous sort, I’ve always been willing to try new activities. First it was mountain biking, then trail running, rollerblading, and most recently snowboarding. All of those activities have led to recurring pain in my back, knees, neck, shoulder, wrists and various other body parts. When the pain became constant, I decided to visit Dr. O’Connor. After only a handful of visits, I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my overall well-being and less frequency in my sports-related injuries. Now I visit Dr. O’Connor so she can keep me in-line, literally.”
— Dave Campagna

Hip, leg and back pain due to a chronic bad back

“For many years I suffered hip, leg and back pain due to a chronic bad back. After three surgeries, I did not want to have any more. I could not sleep. Sometimes I couldn’t walk. I was all stooped over, which created other problems. Although a lifelong skeptic, I was desperate, so I went to Dr. Kathy. In less than two weeks, I was pain free. I could walk straight. I could sleep well. Play golf again. Drive long distances. IT WAS A MIRACLE. If ever I have any kind of pain again, I will see Dr. Kathy!”
— Tom Baker

dizziness, numbness in both hands and arms, and with stomach problems

“I was originally referred to Dr. O’Connor by a friend who is a patient of hers. At the time of my first consultation, I was suffering from dizziness, numbness in both hands and arms, and with stomach problems. I had previously been treated by numerous doctors, but none were able to determine the cause of my symptoms. I noticed a tremendous improvement after only my third visit to Dr. O’Connor. The numbness in my hands and arms is gone, and I no longer suffer from dizziness. The most surprising change is my stomach. I didn’t think that it had anything to do with my neck and back. Thanks to Dr. O’Connor my stomach pains have stopped and I feel great. Dr. O’Connor’s painless treatment has made a difference fast. I actually have more energy now!”
— Jim Mendoza

Neck Spasms

“I originally went to Dr. O’Connor for neck spasms that I get when I became overstressed. They went away very quickly. Now I occasionally get treated by Dr. O’Connor to keep my body ‘in check’ and keep it balanced.”
— Antimo Rivetti

Newborn vertebra alignment

“After giving birth to my daughter, Mariah, one of the initial calls I made was to Dr. Kathy O’Connor. The purpose was to have her perform a test to insure newborn Mariah’s first vertebra was properly aligned. The birth process can be quite intense on a newborn’s vertebrae, and, moreover, there have been studies documented revealing SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) has been directly linked to a misaligned vertebra. A properly aligned vertebra also helps prevent ear infections from developing. We consider this test as important as all other routine checks administered at hospitals. Thank you, Dr. O’Connor, for giving me reassurance and peace of mind that Mariah’s little neck and head are in good shape.”
— Shira Steiger

Couldn’t move without screaming

“When I injured my neck and couldn’t move without screaming, my daughter insisted I go to Dr. Kathy O’Connor. I did…and the relief from that first adjustment was tremendous. After two or three more visits I felt really great. Recently, I almost canceled a visit because I had such a miserable cold, but I didn’t. While she was working on me, Dr. Kathy O’Connor told me the adjustment would help my cold. Well, I can’t say I put too much faith in that, so I was greatly relieved and impressed when I woke up the next day with no cold symptoms. I don’t mean fewer, I mean NONE. My co-workers were amazed, not only that I showed up for work, but that my cold was completely gone. With a grin, I told them it was a miracle! Thanks, Kathy.”
— Melvia Rowland

Severe Headaches and Neck Problems

“I have been suffering from severe headaches and neck problems since I was a child. I have a slight case of scoliosis and my neck curvature was incorrect. Dr. O’Connor has dramatically reduced the frequency and severity of my headaches through the adjustment of the vertebrae in my cervical spine and back. Following the treatment at the office I find that I feel relaxed and the tension I had before the treatment is gone.

I have seen medical doctors for the headaches and they merely prescribed medications to cover the symptoms rather than actually treating the problem. This does little to help me in the resolution of the problem, but, rather, would make me a drug dependent patient.”
— Sonia Hughes

Back Pain

“I thought I pulled a muscle in my back and spent two weeks in be using relaxers and pain killers. My condition only worsened. My friends recommended Dr. Kathy O’Connor . I called for an appointment and was seen promptly. I had reservations as I had never been to a chiropractor before. After just a couple of adjustments, I felt I could do cartwheels, but settled for just standing upright again. I now consider Kathy O’Connor my best friend and most enthusiastically endorse her.”
— Amy York


“I had pain down my right buttock and leg for almost three years off and on. Dr. O’Connor helped me get rid of my sciatica nerve problem completely. All my back pain is now gone.”
— Martin O’Neal

Couldn’t Stand Up

“When I first came to Dr. O’Connor, I wasn’t able to walk very well and I couldn’t stand up over a couple of minutes. Dr. O’Connor helped me by straightening my back. This has greatly improved my walk and I have almost no pain.”
— Carol O’Neal

Chronic Back Pain

“I have suffered from chronic back pain for years now. It had become so bad that something as simple as picking up an item dropped on the floor was virtually impossible. Many mornings I found it difficult to even get out of bed. My primary care physician told me that there was nothing wrong with me and I assumed that I would just have to live with the pain. It was then that I made an appointment with Dr. O’Connor. Now, after only two weeks of treatment, I have seen remarkable results. My back pain is 90% gone!”
— Steve Cochran

Leg Pain

“My legs from the knee to the ankle had bad pain and I could not walk after I sat for any length of time. I was not even going shopping because of the pain I had in my right leg. This pain was so bad it brought tears to my eyes. I could not even get around the house any more. My sisters and brothers in Christ told me about Dr. Kathy O’Connor and I am now walking without a cane and I no longer have the bad pain in my right leg. I am happy going shopping again. ”
— Jacqueline Santini

Claudette Azevedo

“I came to Dr. O’Connor in Jan, 2012 after seeing positive results from my husband’s visits with Dr. O’Connor. I was partially paralyzed on my left side from herniated discs 3 years ago. My experience is far beyond satisfactory. I was hardly able to sit or walk. After being adjusted, my spine is healing. Since my vertebrae are being realigned, I am able to, sit, walk, sleep comfortably and in general move better than I have in three years.”
— Claudette Azevedo

Right Shoulder

“I could hardly move my Right Shoulder. I couldn’t sleep from the pain. My low back and left hip ached so bad, I could barely stand it. I had pain in my right arm for 1 year after lifting a heavy screw gun. I had tingling in my left hand. Now the pain in my ass is gone!! I no longer have shoulder or arm pain and the tingling in my hand is gone also.”
— Pete Azevedo

Steve Terre

“When I met Dr. O’Connor I was in pretty bad shape. I was hobbling around in constant discomfort due to severe back issues: to be exact, I had scoliosis, stenosis and sciatica. I had been to 3 chiropractors without relief and an orthopedic surgeon who was advocating surgery.

Long story short, after a few months of care, I noticed significant improvement. After 1 year, I was fully functional and again using my pitching wedge for playing golf, NOT a cane! I cannot say enough good things about Dr. O’Connor and her work!”
— Steve Terre

Auto Accident

“I had constant severe low back pain, neck pain and headaches from an Auto Accident one year earlier. No one else was able to help me. I am now pain free thanks to Dr. Kathy O’Connor’s treatment.”
— Todd Vine

Lower Back Pain

“My story starts on a normal Sunday when I had a slight pain in my lower back; it gradually increased and by the following Tuesday, I was completely unable to walk due to the pain. Remind you, I did not suffer an injury, a fall, or any accident to cause this excruciating pain. A trip to the emergency room led to a two day stay in the hospital, in which I had X-rays, and an MRI only to lead to the conclusion that the medical personnel at the hospital were unable to help me with a long term solution. Leaving the hospital no better than when I had entered two and a half days earlier, except now equipped with a walker and pain medication.

It was suggested to me that I go to a chiropractor, for which I was exceptionally hesitant at first. I have never been to a chiropractor, and honestly was afraid of having my back cracked, popped and twisted, not knowing of the long term effects of such harsh movements. Without really any other options I picked up the phone book and started looking for a local chiropractor, finding only one that really stood out that eased my worries and fears. Not only did it offer a free consultation, but stated manual and computerized adjusting. Also helping to seem trustworthy, they stated that if we can not help you, we will tell you. I almost thought it might sound too good to be true. After calling and speaking with Dr. Kathy O’Connor’s office, I had an appointment one and a half hours after I stepped out of the hospital.

The moment of truth came. We pulled up and all I saw was the sidewalk that led to their front door. It had a slight incline, and let me tell you, I dreaded that walk. Walking inside, I had this feeling of warmth and hope. During my consultation Dr. Kathy took some X-rays and a moving X-ray. She was able to explain to me where the problems were and what was wrong. Boy was I in bad shape. She then to my amazement was able to use the computer to measure movement in my spine, and then continued to explain how she was going to help me and get me back to work.

Being a mechanic, I didn’t really understand the medical terms she used to explain how she was going to help me, but it sounded good. Her magical table, healing hands, and warming heart was exactly what I needed. Dr. Kathy used the drop table for adjustments, a K-laser, a tool from a computerized adjusting instrument, and a high intensity/low frequency pulsed electromagnetic (PEMF-100) machine.

Within only a short 3 hours from when I had managed to hobble out of the hospital, my pain had gone from a 10+ to a 5. To my amazement after Friday’s appointment that walker that I had desperately needed on Thursday was gone.

Have you ever had a doctor willing to come in on a Saturday just because they thought you needed it? Well, I have now. She was really able and willing to do anything that was going to benefit me and to improve my current condition. Then after an appointment on Monday, I was ready to go back to work, something only a few days prior I didn’t think was something possible in the near future.

I am a field mechanic for Altec Industries; I cover from San Jose to Eureka repairing trucks. I have now seen Dr. Kathy O’Connor for 6 visits and I have my life back. I hope that telling my story I will encourage someone who might share my same hesitations, or fears to take a chance and realize that there is hope. Hope is within Dr. Kathy O’Connor’s chiropractic office.”
— Mark Chamberlin